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FL-FTCU Floriani Total Control "U" Embroidery Software


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Floriani Total Control Embroidery Software gives you professional production abilities all in one affordable package. 
Every project is a breeze with Floriani Total Control Embroidery Software.

Floriani Total Control Embroidery Software features:
  • Running Stitch for Redwork. 
  • Over one hundred and forty fonts.
  • Run stitch font. 
  • Tackle twill program.
  • Inside out feature for caps.
  • New pattern fill shapes. 
  • Save design as JPG feature. 
  • Auto baste feature.
  • Create custom emboss and fills.
  • Alignment icons for easy placement.
  • Optimizes entry and exit points.
  • Magic wand segmented auto digitizing.
  • Simple to use auto digitizing wizard.
  • Create custom appliqué designs.
  • Create cross stitch designs.
  • Create custom motif patterns.
  • Insert keyboard lettering with over one hundred and forty fonts. 
  • Vector Artwork tool.
  • Ten new fonts with closest point connect.
  • Stich ends and 3D views.
  • Stitch and outline view.
  • Design sequence and design gallery to easily store production work.
  • Slow redraw simulated stitch sequence.
  • Zoom using the mouse scroll wheel.
  • Adjustable grid settings with lines or dots.
  • Create and view guidelines.
  • Intelligent Ruler that gives recommendations.
  • Image fading on imported artwork.
  • Customizable software layout.
  • Floating or docking toolbars.
  • Easily select or hide objects, thread colors or segments.
  • Create custom thread charts.
  • Save2Sew design optimization based on fabric type.
  • Modify start and end points, .dst files included.
  • Modify stitch direction/angles,.dst files included.
  • Reduce angle lines, .dst files included.
  • Reduce nodes and points, .dst files included.
  • Modify object's shape with node editing.
  • Edit density, underlay, underlay settings, compensation and stitch lengths.
  • Add or delete individual stitches.
  • Break apart text for additional editing capabilities.
  • Add sections to existing embroidery objects.
  • Auto-branching in manual digitizing.
  • Re-sequence object in Sequence Manager.
  • Edit individual stitch points.
  • Insert trim.
Minimum System Requirements
  • Windows XP Home/Pro 
  • P4 Processor
  • 1GB Hard Drive Space
  • 500MB RAM
  • CD-ROM Drive
  • 800 x 600 Display
  • Mouse
  • Internet Access