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Brother Feet

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B-PEDESIGNPLUS Embroidery Software + Photo Stitch Capability


B-SA107 Walking Foot for PS Series


B-SA108 Straight Stitch Foot


B-SA109 1/4" Binding Foot


B-SA110 Cording Foot (7 mm)


B-SA114 Non-Stick Foot (Horizontal Bobbins)


B-SA120 Gathering Foot


B-SA122 Non-Stick Foot for Vertical Bobbin Sewing Machines


B-SA125 1/4" Piecing Foot


B-SA126 Narrow Hem Foot (snap on foot)


B-SA127 Narrow Hem Foot (5 mm Snap On Foot)


B-SA128 Zipper/Concealed Fastener Foot (Snap On Foot)


B-SA129 Quilting Foot


B-SA132 Quilting Guide


B-SA133 Blind Stitch Foot (7 mm)


B-SA134 Blind Stitch Foot - (5 mm) Vertical and Horizontal


B-SA135 Overlock Foot (5 mm)


B-SA140 Walking Foot


B-SA141 Braiding Foot


B-SA142 Fringe Foot


B-SA144 Vertical Clear-View Foot (5 mm)


B-SA145 Horizontal Clear-View Foot (7 mm)


B-SA146 Open Toe Foot (5 mm)


B-SA147 7mm Horizontal Open Toe (clear plastic)


B-SA149 Picot Foot


B-SA150 Pearls & Sequins Foot (up to 4mm in width)


B-SA157 Cording Foot (Up to 7mm)


B-SA158 Cording Foot (Up to 7mm)


B-SA160 Stitch Guide Foot


B-SA161 Adjustable Zipper & Piping Foot


B-SA162 Vertical Pin Tuck Foot


B-SA164 Picot Foot (7 mm)


B-SA165 Quilting Foot


B-SA166 Walking Foot


B-SA167 Straight Stitch Foot


B-SA169 Walking Foot (Vertical)


B-SA170 3-Piece Spring Action Guides for Foot


B-SA171 Gathering Foot


B-SA172 Very Narrow Foot


B-SA173 Heavyweight Foot


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